We are happy to welcome you all to this new edition of the Hildasholm Musiken. The festival has expanded and is even more broad spectered than in the past, with the happy addition of the work in schools led by Mina Fred, prior to the festival, The Folk  Music day on Wednesday, led by Maria Wernberg, Peter Rousu and Pär Ohlsson, and the added recital at Alfvén Gården.
> The four concert programs are dense and always contrasting in moods, styles and time periods. They are designed to show a fraction of the variety that is summed up under the somewhat misleading caption “classical”. The brief humorous/strange/ serious modern pieces will highlight the beauty and longevity of the older, longer pieces of music.
> The concerts last one hour, so that they can fit into a working week, and hopeful fit for children too.