We have a large and wonderful garden and a house with an interesting history. Unfortunately, our accessibility is not what we would wish for, as Hildasholm is a historic building, which makes adaptations difficult.


We have a handicapped parking space right outside the gate, and it is also possible to enter through the white wooden gate to go directly to the café. Other guests are directed to the parking lot on the gravel area at the entrance to Hildasholm.


The gardens are partially accessible with a walker/wheelchair, preferably with assistance. The courtyard is paved with cobblestones, and the garden paths have wood chips or gravel surfaces.


Unfortunately, the house is not adapted for people with mobility impairments and is therefore not suitable for visits with a walker, wheelchair, or stroller. The house has high thresholds and a staircase to the upper floor. To enter the house, there is a handrail at the entrance steps.

Handrails for the wings are under application to the County Administrative Board.


A restroom adapted for people with disabilities is available.


Photography at Hildasholm for private use is permitted. However, the use of flash and tripods is not allowed. The museum objects are fragile, so please be careful not to get too close. Also, be considerate of other visitors. Due to copyright reasons, individual works may have a photography ban.


Dogs are welcome in the gardens and at the café’s outdoor seating area.