Guided tour of Hildasholm

En extraordinary historical tour

Join us on a guided tour inside Hildasholm house. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through the historic interior where you will get an intimate glimpse into the life of the Munthe family.

Guided tour price:

Adult 180 kr/person
Retired 170 kr/person
Youth 13-18 years old 160 kr/person
Children under 12 years old – 50 kr/person

The price also includes a visit to the garden and the current sculpture exhibition as well as a map of Hildasholm. The tour is about 50 minutes long.

Very knowledgeable guide. Beautiful house, well worth the visit both inside and out.
Ann-Sofie J.
Fantastic guide who made the experience something extraordinary.
Carin E.

It was a very interesting guided tour. I have been to Hildasholm many times but this tour of Hildasholm was the most memorable.

Elisabeth L
I learnt a lot about the family Munthe and also got a historic lesson from the 1900:s. I will warmly recommend a visit and also to the Hildas garden cafe afterwards.